Fagor CO502BDD Front Loading Dishwasher

Fagor CO502BDD Front Loading Dishwasher


The Fagor Concept range combines features only normally found in high end machine along with robust construction and new levels of efficiency. The CO502 are under counter front loading commercial dishwashers with full stainless steel double skin carcass to isolate machine noise and increase heat insulation. The door is also stainless steel double skinned with counter balance stainless hinge system. Stainless steel interior construction with rounded corners for easy cleaning and draining and to improve on hygiene levels. The robust double rotating wash arms are stainless steel above and below for durability. The 7 litre boiler features a 1.8kW heating element for fast heating of water and the main tank capacity is 20 litres with a 2kW heating element. Unit is thermostatically controlled to wash at 60°C and rinse at 90°C for controlled hygienic washing of dishes and cutlery. You can select either 90 or 120 second cycles to best suit your washing needs. Both machines have automatic rinse dispenser and detergent doser fed from bottles outside the machine. The CO502DD does not have a drain pump - the drain must be below the level of the dishwasher. The CO502B DD comes with a drain pump allowing more options for where it can be installed. Simple controls and digital display allow for easy operation.

Double rotating wash and rinse arms in stainless steel
Double skinned stainless steel body and door for quieter operation and heat insulation
Rounded stainless steel tank for easy cleaning and draining
Thermostatic temperature control washing 60°C and rinsing 90°C
Thermo stop
Rinse and detergent pump
60,90 and 180 Second wash cycle
Supplied with 1 base basket, 1 plate basket and 4 cutlery containers
Boiler Capacity 7 litres
Boiler heating elements up to 3x 1.8kW depending on supply
Tank capacity 20 litres / 2kW element
600 x 600 x 830mm H
Maximum item height 380mm
Consumption 2.4 litres per cycle
Total power 2.8kW or 6kw
A water softener is recommended, failure of a unit due to limescale build up will not be covered under warranty
We recommend that all commercial dishwashers are installed and commissioned by a qualified engineer

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