Sammic AX-51BDD Front Loading Dishwasher


Multipower model. Rack size 500x500mm and door clearance 380 mm

    Sani-Control: guaranteed disinfection
    Embedded bodywork and easy-grip door: hygienic and ergonomic
    Exclusive Hydroblade™ washing arms: maximum effectiveness.
    3-stage filtering system.
    Double-walled body (partial).
    Multi-power model. Default boiler loading: 2000W

    Sani-Control guarantee

    • GUARANTEED DISINFECTION in compliance with standard DIN 10534.
    • THERMAL LOCK function: Ensures that rinsing will be carried out at the ideal temperature to disinfect the dishes.

    New recessed bodywork

    • Ergonomic design with rounded corners to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning.
    • Compact tank volume (50% water saving compared to the previous range).
    • Embedded basket guides

    Hydroblade™ washing arms

    • Redesigned nozzles for greater washing performance.
    • The "monoblock" design delivers durability and resistance to impacts.
    • 30% savings in water consumption during rinsing compared to the previous range.

    3-stage filter system: surface, tank and extraction

    • Keeps the washing water in optimal conditions to maintain constant washing performance.
    • The surface filters feature an "easy-on" design and can be quickly removed without having to disconnect the washing arms.

    "Easy grip" door: new design with integrated door handle

    • The integration of the components provides greater resistance and robustness.
    • Designed to have no corners or areas that are difficult to access: prevents deposits of dirt and facilitates cleaning.
    • Its ergonomic handle provides a perfect grip, even with wet hands.
    • Double-walled door with safety microswitch and high quality seal
    • 38 cm loading capacity: high versatility for washing a wide range of items: dishes, Euronorm trays, GN 1/1 tubs and pizza plates diam 39

    Warewashing, made simple

    • Active Xperience: simple and intuitive use
    • Dedicated cycles: selection of the ideal washing programme using icons.
    • Electronic control panel with IPXX humidity protection.

    You will never WASH ALONE

    • Tech-Services: our team of technicians will help you so that your machine is always ready for use.
    • Design Services: tell us what your needs are and we will advise you.
    • 60 years of experience and know-how at your disposal.


    * Basket 500 x 500mm
    * Cycle 180 Seconds, 20 trays per hour
    * Capacity 750 dishes per hour
    * 18 Plates per rack
    * Comes with drain pump
    * Wash temperature 65C rinse temperature 90C
    * Automatic detergent and rinse aid equipment.
    * For washing glasses, cups, cutlery and plates
    * 1 Wash cycle
    * Comes with 1 open, plate and cutlery basket. 
    * Boiler capacity 4.5L, wash tank capacity 26L
    * Water consumption per cycle 3 litres
    * Maximum glass height 330mm
    * Weight 63kg
    * Electric 3170W, 0.5hp, 230V, 13A, plug
    * W600 x D630 x H835mm
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